Dreams from the Past (2019)

  • Category: A short piece for four violins (3'30")
  • Context: Written as part of String Quartett No 1 (2019)
  • Premiere: 19 October, 2019 at Rosario Bever, BE
  • Musicians: Femke Sonnen, Stephen Meyer, Yuri Higashida and Robert Yeo, violins
  • Recorded As part of the CD VIVIO Dreams from The Pat (2019)
  • Project URL: VIVIO 4

Dream from the Past - composition for four violins (3'30 ') “This short piece of music was originally written as the fifth and final movement of my first string quartet from 2019. However, it is music that can also stand on its own, because in fact it represents the essence of what I want to express in my music. When I compose I enter another reality that resembles the phase between waking and sleeping, the world of dreams. For me, music is a magical universe that vibrates at a different frequency, a world that everyone can recognize, that feels very close, yet elusive, impossible to put into words. This universe represents a part of ourselves that we cannot communicate about, except through art. In my music I try to grasp this world and share it with others. ” Recorded as part of the CD: VIVIO, "Dreams from the Past" (2020) with Femke Sonnen, Stephen Meyer, Yuri Higashida, Robert Yeo, violin Premiere: October 19, 2019, Rosario Bever with the Vivio ensemble.