Verzonken Stad (2019)

  • Category: Orchestral (6') piece for variable instrumentation
  • Context: Written as part of the project 'Floating Cities' by Dirk Proost
  • Premiere: March 2019, Lier and Antwerpen

I was inspired by a big picture of the Antwerp skyline. The city seems to float
on the river that circles it. The skyline is the line of my melody and the water
is a second underlying line.

Initially, the music is "frozen", as if the Scheldt and the city were frozen, submerged in snow.

As the piece progresses the water thaws, the music starts to move more and more,
the ice thaws and everything starts to flow. Then the city floods with all the
hectic that comes with it. The sounds of honking cars are heard and the music ends in chaos.

Then the city is completely submerged and everything comes to rest. A new harmony is created.
The music consists of several short fragments. Each fragment has to be repeated until
a certain point in time and then the next fragment is moved on. The fragments become more
fluid and hectic and the notes follow each other faster and faster. The ending is calm and harmonious.